Is your anger getting out of your control? Do you want to control it? Get connected to Beyond Karm to learn how to control anger and frustration. At Beyond Karm, we provide the best anger management therapy session in Delhi NCR. We let you know how to control and manage your anger through different types of retreat and stress management therapies. We believe anger is a motivation arising from an identifiable reason. It can be identified by a logical analysis for a long time.  After identification, it can be healed and released permanently through effective retreats. In our anger management programs, we include different types of retreats like yoga retreats, meditation retreats, spiritual retreats, silent retreats, etc. to give a permanent solution for this issue.   

Our psychotherapeutic anger management programs help a person control and reduce the heightened emotional and physiological arousal that increases the anger of a person. With the aid of meditation retreat, spiritual retreat and yoga meditation retreat, we teach you how to prevent and control the anger coming as the consequence of frustration, depression and blocked emotion.

Our anger management programs heal different types of destruction and self-destruction. If you are a victim of domestic violence and feel personal guilt or dissatisfaction, our counsellors look into you to get an insight into your subconscious and preconscious mind. After that, they will recommend you the most effective anger management methods, combining yoga retreat and meditation retreat. Attend our anger management programs. Our professional counsellors, psychiatrists and mental health professionals logically analyze all and prescribe the best retreat to cure your specific type of alignment.    

Our anger management programs

  • Personal counseling to understand the type of anger you have
  • We hark back to your past to know the reason for your anger.
  • We estimate and eliminate the causes
  • Then we take time to be sure about the reasons.
  • Once we are sure about the reasons, we apply the best retreats and anger management therapies that can reduce the anger up to 90%.
  • We use anger management tools to measure and reduce the anger and frustration up to 100%.

Don’t carry it with you. Shun it through our anger management programs and become a healthy, balanced and complete personality.  You are sure to be a favourite person to your friends, family members and others you meet at your workplace.    

Just call us and we will treat your anger management therapy in Delhi.