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Tarot Card

The origin of Tarot Cards traces back to northern Italy in the fifteenth century. Tarot Card Reading is the way through which a person or a medium can get an insight into the past, present or future and grab your answers for you.

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Have you ever placed a cube of ice on a hot metal? Have you seen how it neutralizes the temperature? Similarly, have you ever thought about how a single touch can help your restless soul calm down? That is what Reiki is all about.

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Past Life Regression

Sometimes in order to move ahead, before taking a step forward, it is important to take a look back. Past Life Regression helps you to time travel and go on a hunt to often find your peace of mind.

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Environment plays a vital role in the development of a person. Vastu, an ancient Indian science of building and architecture, also believes in the same. So here’s our tip for you today, “the peaceful the environment, the calmer the mind.”

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Soul Talk

Every human body is but a bone house of flesh and muscles. However, our souls are immortals as when we die, our soul gains freedom from one cage and goes into the other. Therefore, even after our deaths, we still have a way to communicate with our loved ones. 

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Cosmic Connection

Everything that happens in this world, everything and everyone that exists in this world are all intertwined and connected in a single web. And such a web ties you with a person in your life. This connection of yours is a cosmic connection. 

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What if there lies a world parallel to ours and that people residing in that parallel world are the ones who were our near and dear, loved ones? Will you not give or take anything to ask or convey to them something that has been haunting you for years? A medium is here! You can now make your connection.

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Akashic Records

In this virtual world today, other than the records we maintain on paper and pen, we are now acquainted with e-records saved in gadgets. But very few are aware that there is yet another variety of records that are way vaster than any memory limitation of a gadget. The Akashic Records hold memories of past, present and future of every living and non-living thing.

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DNA Reversal through Energy Healing

Did the sea ever meet the sky? Did sun ever rise from the East? No, right? But can science ever meet the supernatural or the spiritual? Yes, they can be brought together. Energy healing believes that in order to extract the life force energies from one, it needs to be released from the within.

About Varsha Sangal

Varsha Sangal, the founder and director of Beyondkarm, am ready to become the link between you and your guardian angel. I have been serving the mankind to realise them of any kind of mental blockage, emotional or spiritual baggage. In my twenty years of career, I have met people who have had problems of various kinds and various levels of difficulties. While some have been challenging, with the help of my knowledge on various practices like ReikiTarot Card ReadingAngel Healing, Shamanism, Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression, Cosmic Connection, Inner Child Healing, Trauma Healing and Cestral Healing, I have been able to heal people of the pain that crushes them both mentally and physically. My only aim for such people is to help them lead a better life. Well, I cannot promise an obstacle-free life, for what is life if there are no obstacles, but I assure you that I can make the road smooth. So are you willing to reach to my hand and let me lead you to your light at the end of the tunnel?

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What is Tarot Card Reading?

Tarot Card reading is a manner through which a medium or facilitator uses a deck of cards to get answers to their client’s queries or counsel them on their concerns or help them choose the correct path, provide them with guidance and in some cases, warn them. Any which way, it has always aimed at helping the masses and putting them out of any mental or physical misery.

Why are we the best tarot card reading in Delhi for your needs?

Mrs. Varsha Sangal is one of the most experienced Tarot Card Readers in Delhi. In her career of 20 years in this field, she has come across a thousand clients with diverse problems and issues troubling them be it relationship issues, personal loss, failing business, health problems, career problems and many other problems as such and has successfully helped them through Tarot Card Reading.

Why Tarot card Reading is important?

While tarot cards may just a deck of cards with no great importance, it does a have great deal of benefits that it carries that people are unaware about. Some of such benefits may include tracing the roots of any problems, advices on relationships may prove beneficial, can chart a direction for better life, helps in making decision and clears your mind of any confusion or doubt.