“How do you change your life” is one of the most important and frequently asked questions, always.

But most people are almost clueless about what constitutes that. Changing the basis of life largely includes changing your limitations embedded in the subconscious.

Your mental patterns and beliefs cause all the limiting behavior in your life be it via thoughts or actions.

Many neuroscientists have proved the miraculous effects of accessing bars in the head.

What are Access Bars?

Introduction of this therapy is attributed to Gary Douglas around 1990.

Access Bars are basically a set of 32 points right there on your head. These are responsible for all the thoughts, feelings, emotions etc you have stored.

One more thing that you have stored and held here is limitations. They might be limitations of pattern, beliefs etc. Once you release these points (also known as bars), you begin to see things happening for you. 

Doors of joy, calmness, happiness and opulence are opened when you remove blockages and release the natural energy flow.

What can Access Bars do for you?

Access Bars can be a magnificent tool to change the paradigm of your life.

People are unaware of the limiting patterns that have been there in their subconscious for years.

Undoubtedly, Such people tend to lead a pathetic life. Access Bars releases your patterns and beliefs of limitations, negativity and anxiousness.

Not only that, Access Bars help you relax your soul, which is probably the most ironic sufferer amidst all the havoc in your life.


Access consciousness bars is often considered as the ‘therapy of therapies‘.

If you need clarity in life, if you are down with brain fog, if you are low on confidence and self-esteem, if you are anxious, if you are fighting depression and insomnia, Access Bars running is ‘the thing’ you are looking for, actually.

Scientifically, it brings a humongous change in your life from your physical to mental health.

Once you take this therapy, you are one giant eagle in the sky of abundance.