You clicked on the heading “Akashic Records”, right? What did you expect when you entered the page? A huge e-library? A playlist of songs? Didn’t turn out to be any of those, right? Don’t worry, we are here to help you clear your confusion. Let’s start with the literal translation now, shall we? 

The term Akashic finds its origins in the Sanskrit roots from the word Akasha which means “sky”, “ethers” or “that which holds all”. So what does it exactly hold? Well, Akashic Records are like the Encyclopaedia or Wikipedia or Google Search engine that exists beyond the notions of time and space and encompasses the entire journey of a soul from the moment it is created, recording each action, emotion, thoughts, deeds, and ideas of the past, present or future regardless of realms and dimensions.

The key to access these non-physical, vibrational records is by reciting a Pathway Prayer that creates an energetic pathway into the Akashic Records. As you chant the mantra, there is a gentle rise in the energy to a higher level, which you can sense in your bones, thereby opening the channel. But this connection cannot be made in a room full of people or at a party or even a conference. Since this connection is beyond the limitations of the “touch”, it requires solitary confinement of the self, in a peaceful environment, where you can truly focus to reach out of the physical fabric of this world.

As mentioned earlier, Akashic Records is pretty much like a library where you can get all the answers to your self-focused questions. Mostly, the three questions are: What? Why? How? It especially acts as a boon for those facing psychological trauma who cannot trace the origins of the trauma. For example, a person scared of water tries to reach out to the Akashic Records just to find out that in some past life, drowning caused his death. Therefore, now that he is aware of the reasons, he will be able to work on it and move on.

There is not a doubt about it that there exist people who do not believe in any spiritual relief and therefore, question its presence. Nevertheless, some people do believe in them and try to make a connection, however, lose their hopes and interests midway as they either do not get their answers at all or an answer given by the Records about the future, does not come to fruition as described. But one must remember, that we mortals are but pawns in the hands of destiny. Hence, the Records chart our future according to our present. But if destiny chooses a different path for us someday, the trajectory of our lives changes too. 

So you must trust the Akashic Records or your higher self as they enrich your mind with vast knowledge. You must have heard the light travels the fastest. But do you know, it is the mind that can outrun even light? Trust your mind and let it open the gate to awareness for you.