Your search for Best Pain Management Specialist in Delhi ends here. Ms. Varsha Sangal, founder of Beyondkarm is the renowned Pain Management Specialist in Delhi. You can get her services in South Delhi, West Delhi, East Delhi, and North Delhi. She founded the Beyondkarm in 2007 for stress management, anger management, pain management etc.

Are you living with constant pain and taking medication regularly to reduce it? Your doctor is prescribing you more medicine but you are getting temporary relief from the pain. Right?   Get started with Beyond Karm pain management program including different types of therapies and mind-body techniques and no medicines to reduce and heal your pain permanently.  We teach you healthy pain management techniques that give you no side effects.    

You feel pain a result of an injury. It is often mistaken as a physical process. However, it is more than a psychological belief in the long run.

We include physical therapy or chiropractic therapy in our pain management programs that start with psychological counseling and support. We always apply natural and healthy healing methods that do not give bring side effects for your body and mind. 

Mother Nature has blessed us with healing Method and we follow the Nature’s own rules to free you from everlasting pain. This is why we recommend you everything that is natural and healthy for you.

Pay Attention In Now – Be Relieved!

Adverse effects of taking Medicine

  • Affects body physiology negatively.
  • Kidney damages, heart disease and end-organ failure.
  • Affects digestive system and liver

Our Alternate Approach to Pain Management

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Hypnosis
  • Mindfulness meditation

We never use medicine and apply no medication to heal your nociceptive pain and neuropathic pain. We have helped many people to get rid of radicular pain and somatic pain permanently, applying our healthy pain management methods that include different types of retreats and natural healing techniques. 

Undergo our retreats and natural healing methods to get permanent solutions for different types of pains.  We are committed to giving you a painless life. Your best alternate pain management process is only a phone call or a few mouse clicks or fingertips away from you.  

For curing pain from your body, You must take the advice from the “Best Management Specialist in Delhi – Ms. Varsha Sangal”. Call Her or WhatsApp Now!!