I am so fortunate to have interacted with varsha. She is the best I could come across and have in my life. She reads the energy and sensations extremely well and what emotions one is going through. The solutions are very basic and can b implemented easily. Her ability to understand the core problem is amazing and she has a calming effect.

~ Pooja Aggarwal

I met Varshaji and the way he counselled me has given me a new perspective about myself and life. I have taken some major decisions in life and got relief and became fearless. One thing I learnt not to give mind to fears as they stop us living. Her talks gives so much enlightenment that it fills u with knowledge. I m so honoured to meet her and take session from her. Highly recommendable if you are looking for your stich energies to release.. God bless u Varshaji.

~ Suresh Madaann.

Her aura and charisma is so relaxing, she gave the best positive energy and just cleared my vibes like crystals. Her intuitive power is really good!

~ Nivedita Johri.

She is one of the best coach I have ever came across, she changed my life and bought a different spark in me by altering my mind to tune in with the Angels and get the guidance.

~ Tanya Baweja

Varsha is a magical healer. I experienced it during my severe back pain problem a couple of days back. Her therapy gave me insights into what my body wanted and things changed the way i looked at my needs. Though i was already on medication, the changing of thought process has given me so much peace .God bless her

~ Rashmi Nair

Thank you Varsha for your wonderful guidance. Time for some inner introspection! God bless

~ Deepa Devi

Thanks for being a great healer and support pillar . You are a great energy healer and motivate towards life and success in positive manner.

~ Garima Gupta

Wow. What an inspirator Varsha is. Keep on Inspiring.

~ Salim Hyder