Allergies are one of the common chronic conditions which a person receives when his or her immune system reacts to some normal substances which are harmless to most of the people. These substances become allergens to you. Substances like dust mites, pollen, insects, smoke, foods, and some medicines can be allergens to you. These simple substances can give you life-threatening reactions.  

Given below are the symptoms of allergies

Symptoms of allergies

  • Conjunctivitis or allergic rhinitis
  • Eczema and hives (urticaria)
  • Asthma
  • Etching
  • Rash or red spot on the body   

Allergy Management therapy offered by Beynod Karm

At Beyond Karm, we take care of these issues without using any medicine. This is why our process is called the alternative healing method. Our allergy management programs include different types of retreats and innovative allergy healing methods for the permanent solutions to this problem. Consequently, your allergens never give you life-threatening reactions. Like others, the allergens become simple substances to you.  Our allergy management program ensures you a worry-free life in just one session. You can live a long life without scaring a bit about your allergens. We are here to ensure that the allergies could not overtake your life balance, putting your life at great risk. Get started with our allergy management program. A single session is enough for a permanent solution.  

How do we treat allergy? At Beyond Karm, we follow different methods of yoga retreats, meditation retreats, spiritual retreats, silent retreats, and yoga meditation retreats to cleanse your chakra and bring balance to your body and health. From counselling and Reiki to Access Consciousness and bar therapy, we teach you all so that you become successful to bring a balance of your fluids, controlling the preponderance of one over others within your body.