Death leaves us with so many unspoken words that we regret to not have expressed. But did you know that we can be free from this humongous weight we feel on our chests? Mediumship is the invisible helping hand that we just require.

Mediumship is the practice through which a person acts as a mediator between spirits of the dead and living human beings across the realms. These individuals are known as “mediums” or “spirit mediums”. There are many ways through which a medium can facilitate “conversations” with the deceased. Some of the common ones include seance tables, spirit channellingOuija board, and sometimes the medium turns himself or herself into a vessel for these spirits in order to lend them a mouthpiece that they have been waiting for long in order to communicate their feelings, emotions, and ideas.

It was around the nineteenth century when Ouija boards were in vogue as a source of entertainment, especially amongst the elite. It is during this time that mediumship gained popularity. However, fraudulent cases were detected once the investigation began. It was discovered that some of the imposters used this practice as a magic trick on stage, therefore, kindling with the feelings of people. The saddest fact of all is that this deception and trickery is still prevalent in today’s society. Other than this reason, there is yet another reason why people are hesitant regarding such psychic abilities and question their credibility. These psychic abilities are beyond empirical investigation, leaving no scientific evidence behind. Therefore, faith in such non-physical practices depends upon a person’s belief system.

You will often come across the term “Psychic Medium” when you read or listen about mediumship. However, there is a very fine difference between a psychic and a medium. A psychic heavily depends on the psychic ability of his or her clients in order to gather information of any kind from past, present or future, by triggering their energy, feelings, or emotions. On the other hand, a medium taps on to his own psychic abilities to sense, feel, and reach out to his non-physical abilities in an effort to make a connection and absorb all the information, answers, or questions from the parallel dimension. Therefore, while a medium is definitely a psychic, a psychic is not necessarily a medium. 

Talking about traditional practices, mediumship has rightly reserved and maintained its crown as an established authority. Mishaps often end up splitting the loved ones and drifting them apart. Mediumship comes to the rescue of these unsettled souls, both living and dead by acting as a messenger and helps them move on with their lives.