Who doesn’t wish to have the best child in the world? However, despite of all efforts to be an ideal parent, children have emotional disturbances, learning disabilities, intellectual dysfunctions and other concerns like ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) when they undergo some traumatic event. As the consequence of these, they carry problems like bed wetting, bullying, nail-biting, etc. Even in some cases, they carry these problems when they become grownup individuals. This becomes a headache for the parents and caregivers. They find their children locked with dysfunctions even in the age of adolescent when hormonal changes bring physical growths.  Consequently, they grow physically, but not mentally. 

To help those parents and caregivers, Beyond Karm has designed child counseling programs to teach them how to manage their children and bring those children out of the abnormalities, mental illness and unusual behaviors which they are already occupied with. We would like to introduce us as the dream brighter for your child. The child counselors working at Beyond Karm have proven that their mental illness is curable through different types of retreats like yoga retreats, meditation retreats, silent retreats, etc.  

Therefore, don’t get stressed and take tension if your children are getting aggressive or antisocial. Instead, bring him or her to us. We are here to help you. We promise you take your children out of these situations and bring back confidence among your neighbors and relatives about the children.   

Our child counseling programs

Your child is a special child and with our special program on “Child Prosperity” we will help your child come out of eating disorder, ADHD & OCD, cutting, exam anxiety, study habits, behavior issues, and even emotional issues caused by the loss of a parent. Sometimes a separation (divorce) creates a deep impact on their minds.

In our child counseling programs we take care of these issues mentioned below:

  • Loos of a parent due to death or divorce
  • Stress, distress and grief
  • Death of a loved one
  • Experiencing a trauma or undergoing fearful events
  • Mental health diagnoses, including anxiety and depression
  • Bedwetting, bullying, nail-biting, etc.
  • Sexual, emotional, or physical abuse
  • Relocating to different schools or cities
  • Loss of special friends
  • Mental and physical torture in a school or hostel
  • Watching a murder or sudden death 
  • Substance abuse or addiction in the family

Let your children undergo a few sessions. You will find them normal.