Angel healing is a spiritual and powerful system of energy healing. It is believed by angel healing practitioners that every person has a guardian angel, therefore, this method of energy healing involves working with your guardian angels and archangels. The angels guide us throughout our lives but only when asked for guidance or invoked.

In India, we are conditioned to think that angels only exist in Christianity, however, that is not the case. Angel healing is free from and beyond any religion.

Origin of Angel Healing

Angel healing therapy was developed by Doreen Virtue. Virtue has led a very successful life as a psychologist. She had received her masters and doctorate in counselling psychology and subsequently headed various counselling programs.

Angel Healing Session

In an angel healing session, the therapist or practitioner tries to connect to the guardian angels of his or her client or recipient who then guide the therapist in order to help them remove the blockage that is causing issues to their clients. Therefore, the therapist acts as a vessel through which the guardian angels connect with the client and help them heal.

Benefits of Angel Healing

Angelic healing works on the emotional, physical, spiritual and mental levels in order to bring balance to our entire being and can bring about vital progress in many aspects of our lives.

Along with other benefits of energy healing taken forward by the angels such as cleansing, clearing and recharging, one of the most important and desired benefits is that of attaining a mental focus of a higher level and clarity so that the fog that has been stopping you to see yourself and your life more clearly, vanishes. It helps you appreciate the world around you and even one within you and allows you to see the world from a different and positive perspective.

Angel healing is safe and definitely a must-try because as compared to medical treatment, energy healing therapies are free of any kind of side effects. It bears no ill will against the science and its therapies, practices or theory. It is a completely different approach to human well-being.

What Does It Feel Like?

While some testimonials claim that connecting with their angels makes them feels like meeting someone who they know from very close proximity and so, it feels like meeting their own family, friends and near and dear ones. There is a sense of belongingness, familiarity, love, and recognition.

Once there is a connection made between you and your guardian angel, you feel that you are always looked after and feel a sense of protection and security surrounding you all time.


You may find the best practitioner or therapist for angel healing who may act as the best catalyst but it is only you who must believe in the existence of angels and allow them to help you in full acceptance. Are you ready to meet your guardian angel?