Developed by Marshall Rosenberg, Nonviolent Communication is an approach to nonviolent living. Human beings are pugnacious by nature. They love to resort to violence for meeting their needs. Thus, humans harm their own species and bring their ends.  This is why promoting non-violence is a must for human existence.

What is nonviolence?

Nonviolence is the practice of bringing about changes in pugnacious human nature. It says to become harmless to self and others under any circumstance. At Beyond Karm, we promote nonviolence and bring about changes in human being so that they do not involve in the activities of hurting people or causing damage to the others.

Beyond Karm Non – Violent Communication Program

We teach you effective nonviolent communication so that you can communicate better with others and express yourself in the more presentable way. If you struggle to communicate and express yourself better, you can join Beyond Karm Non-violent Communication Program. A skill of better presentation develops in you and nobody misunderstands you.  You get a better control of all incidences of communications with your spouse, parent, family members, acquaintances and strangers as well. Our nonviolent communication programs have been successful in solving various issues of newly married couples. Besides, our non-violent communication programs have helped many parents and guardians who faced interviews for the admissions of their children in a reputable school or college.    

Our nonviolent communication programs have been designed for creating harmony in you and shaping your good qualities symmetrically. We are committed to giving you better prospects for future cooperation. You get better confidence in dealing with others and receive cooperation from them in the future. 

With our communication program, we boost your communication power, self-esteem and self-confidence so that you feel free and ease before other people. As the consequence of this, you stay happy and blessed always.