Varsha Sangal – Sr. Consultant Psychologist, Healer & Life Coach

The founder and director of Beyondkarm, Varsha Sangal has been practising healing retreats for over 20 years. She specializes in the yoga retreat, meditation retreat, silent retreat, and spiritual retreats. Her healing treatments and innovative therapy processes have been designed for healing emotional baggage, spiritual pain, and wrong belief. Whether you just need to deeply relax your body and mind, renew a healthy relationship or deeply reconnect with your soul to fall in love with your inner being and life all over again, she can absolutely take of your matter. 

As a Sr. Consultant Psychologist, Spiritual Healer, and Interpersonal Mediator, she has created a dominant position in the industry for her unparalleled skills in psychological assessments, healing and treatment (therapy and counseling) for individuals, children, couples and families. She has created a significant niche for her and worldwide clientele by offering alternative healing methods for body, mind, soul, and environment. She was always intuitive and loved serving the ones who are in need of a listener to listen to their issues and solve those. Her belief in life is to live it to the fullest and that can be achieved via syncing life energy with that of the UNIVERSE.

Her motto is, “Ones’ greatest love is themselves” and hence teaching can mainly create an impact on broken pieces of human heart, smooth the end and drive out the traumas from past and recover seekers from depressing past life memories and forms a great life belief.

Her workshops include innovative healing methods that combine the best practices of the yoga retreat, meditation retreat, silent retreat and spiritual retreats. Her energy healing process and tools work on the human mind and body where seekers have surrendered all their pessimism, traumas and dramas. She has enlightened them with firm believe to live a complete life full of harmony and joy.

During her working with people for than 20 years, Varsha has discovered the strong connection of human body with life’s pain and moments of grief. She has felt that our bodies talk to us and one never falls in pain until he/she understands the language of his or her body. Her healing therapy includes unique body processes that help her detect the affected area all by herself. She is blessed with a guiding angel who sends her divine blessings during the healing process. Her healing touch has helped many people enhance the wellness in them. She has been successful to offer comfort and relief to many individuals and bring them back to normal life and main human stream. 

She has worked extensively upon energy and its connections with that of life and universe. During her body processes, she has experienced energy guiding her through the healing. Varsha inimitably directs the energy to match with the Universe that blesses the seeker a life that they dreamt of. The energy is so powerful that seekers can be blessed with wealth, heavenly life, relationships and a divine self- life. Her healing courses have healed many broken relationships, child abuses, Guilt and Traumas from past life, autoimmune ailments like thyroid and alopecia & Child development and psychology.

To heal the people with yoga retreat, meditation retreat, silent retreat, spiritual retreats and other energy healing therapies, she has designed many certification programs. Through these programs Beyond Karm takes the volunteers to support life and extend these programs to the teachers, trainers and counselors. Her alternate healing methods bring about significant changes among the practitioners through major learning changes and enlightenment.  Upon joining the certification programs, you will not only be provided with certificate and license but also a complete training and post-training support to heal the world around you.

Her certified courses alternate healing includes the following:

  • Healing Retreat
  • Angel Healing
  • Bach flower therapy
  • Crystal Healing
  • Past Life Regression
  • Reiki
  • Tarot Card Reading
  • Vastu & more

Get started with her to have a life-changing experience. You are sure to have life and relationship in the happiest cloak.