Looking for Past Life Regression Therapy in Delhi? You are at the right place, Varsha Sangal is the Past Life Regression Therapist in Delhi since 2007. She has performed more than thousands of Past Life Sessions not only from India but also from many other countries like America, United Kingdom, France, Spain, Brazil, Maldives, Japan etc. She is the certified Past Life Therapist in Delhi, India. She is expertise in reading issues like – past memories, trauma, dreams etc.

PLR Therapist in Delhi - Key Benefits

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What is Past Life Regression?

It is widely believed that human beings are blessed with multiple lives and when they die, they die to only take birth again in yet another chamber of bones and flesh. 

Based on this belief, past life regression in Delhi has laid its foundation. It is a therapeutic technique and a form of gentle hypnotherapy that lets an individual journey to their previous lives or incarnations to get some answers stored in the memories and experiences.

Origins of Past Life Regression

This therapy is based on many theories such as hypnotherapy, psychoanalysis by Sigmund Freud who developed the concept of bringing the unconscious to the conscious. 

The Theory of Reincarnation which claims that living beings are caught in the loop of life and death unless and until they achieve Nirvana or Absolute Enlightenment. 

And last but not the least, the Law of Karma which believes that life works in accordance with a cause and effect principle and that the karma that we attract or create in any life, gets stored and if the situation arises, gets passed down to the next lives. 

What happens during Past Life Regression Therapy in Delhi?

Generally, the clients who consult take the therapy of past life regression in Delhi, they are taken back to a couple of numbered past lives. 

Whether we visit this many lives or spend more time focusing on one life will be decided by you. Most of the time, travelling to a single life usually does not give you all the answers and it is then when we do a little hunting through other lives as well.

Why one should take a Past Life Regression Therapy Session in Delhi?

An inhabitant who walks this planet called Earth is limited in many ways. One such limitation of a mortal is the power to travel through time and space.

However, there should not be any worries as we, mortals, can still connect to them through the special abilities endowed upon us. A therapy of past life regression in Delhi is all we need to connect and find answers.

How will you feel after taking a PLR Session in Delhi?

Well, after taking a PLR Session in Delhi, while some people or clients get the answers to their questions, for others it becomes a little overwhelming as some moments that you may come across might be a little depressing.

Benefits of PLR Session in Delhi

If we are to talk about the benefits of such a bold yet relaxing therapy, the list can go on as the effects of the Past Life Regression therapy can be diverse and many.

  • It helps you bring a positive change in your life both internally and externally.
  • It helps you explore your past life.
  • It helps you to find answers to some questions you cannot find the answer to in this life.
  • It helps you to connect the dots and understand the root causes of some of the physical ailments that you may have had.
  • It helps you to settle with your past and embrace your present.


Delhi, being such a happening city of the country, is rightly called the heart city of India. In such succumbing, busy lives of people, it is but important for us to get a breather and some clarity. Such clarity sometimes requires supernatural help. Hence, we suggest and insist, if you want to leap like a tiger, learn to go take a few steps back like him. 

If you are looking for the Affordable & Best Past Life Regression Therapist in Delhi, then Varsha Sangal is the Best choice for you. She has experience of more than 15 years in Past Life & Alternative Healing. Having performed more than 1000+ PLR in her life across India & Western Countries like USA, United Kingdom, France, etc.