Grief is a natural response to the loss of something or someone you like or love. Enduring the loss of someone or something is the biggest challenge for almost all of us. However, we need to cope with the loss as the rule of nature. In this mortal world, none can stop the loss of something or someone. This is why we must be strong to play our roles. We have to live and execute other duties and responsibilities. However, in most of the cases, we cannot recover us from the long-lasting grief when we lose our property, near and dear ones, business or career opportunities.

If you have long-lasting grief or dejection due to a loss or separation, you can contact Beyond Karm for a permanent recovery. We will take your hands to recover you from the shock and grief. We have dedicated loss and grief management program including yoga retreats, meditation retreats, silent retreats, spiritual retreats, yoga meditation retreats, etc. to bring you out of your blocking. 

The consequences of loss and long lasting grief

  • Feeling sad or dejected
  • Crying frequently
  • Feeling shocked and numb
  • Carrying stress, exhaustion, anxiety, and confusion
  • Feeling anger, depressed, guilt, shame, blame, etc
  • Suffering from loneliness, isolation and withdrawal
  • Acting differently to usual
  • Loss of physical and mental health
  • Encountering physical health problems like headaches, apnea
  • Getting changes in eating or sleeping patterns
  • Poor concentration
  • Getting tensed and anxious
  • Alcohol consumption to forget grief, sorrows and sufferings   
  • Tension or problems with personal relationships
  • Feeling lonely and hopeless
  • Committing suicide or self-harm

We have designed loss and grief management programs to help you get out of the above-mentioned situations. A world-class pool of our expert counselors, psychiatrists and yoga therapists will listen to you carefully to understand your problem and advice you to undergo different types of our yoga retreats, meditation retreats, silent retreats, spiritual retreats, and yoga meditation retreats. They will get in touch with you until you recover yourself from it permanently.