You do not need to be afraid of the future as you have guidance from the divine. It is basally a form of energy healing every living being in the world. It says that all of us are blessed with ANGELS – Messenger of GOD.

We have an energy system or an energy body that sometimes gets blocked or becomes asymmetrical during our daily lives, resulting in a feeling of anger, fear, pain, and resentment in us. We are committed to loosening or driving out the blocks with the aid of our Angelic Healing Therapy. As a consequence of it, you feel more energetic, alive and fine-tuned with your higher self as the consequence of practising this. 

Practice this healing method to receive divine blessings and guidance from ANGELS and shape your soul plan, energy, Chakras, body cells, and emotional baggage. The angelic guidance will Declutter that we don’t need in life. Angel Healing is like a shower, which can clean and clear stuck energy.

At Beyond Karm, we let the angels work through you to send you the healing effects of it.  

We organize a one-day program with the following course outline –

  • Angel Grid
  • Angel Card Reading
  • Angel Board Reading
  • Divination with candle smoke and flames
  • Angel Grid
  • Know you Angels
  • Meditation to find your Guiding Angel
  • Angelic Channel of communication
  • How to discover the Angelic presence
  • How to know if it’s truly your Angel
  • Dreams, Sign and Symbols by Angels

Hi, I am Varsha Sangal.

I help working men and women to advance towards brighter future in terms of their finance, health and relationships in their lives by using the power of tarot reading, banishment techniques and law of actualization so that they diagnose the facets of their life or personality that are in need of renewal and repair while inspiring them to take actionable steps to have financial abundance and become a better person.
I will help guide you through life’s difficulties through spiritual practices of tarot card reading.

How spiritual practices help you to guide through life’s difficulties?

Most of the people run through life’s difficulties when it comes to health, finance and relationships and they don’t seem to get the answers as why is this happening to them. I help them get through my spiritual practices of tarot card reading to guide them through life’s difficulties as a result of which they can have clarity, ease, joy and freedom.