Access Foundation is a course that aims to shake up your conception of reality so that you can build the reality that suits your needs. The Access Foundation course teaches you how to lay the groundwork for building a different reality for yourself, one in which you can start to remove the constraints that have been holding you back.

Access Bars Course: Key Highlights

Certified Course
Live Training
28 Hours training
Certified Practitioner
Flexible Schedule

Access Foundation Class

Is it feasible to reboot your life and start from square one with all the years of experience that one has accumulated throughout their mortal journey up until this point? The answer is yes. Everybody encounters issues in life, though how frequently varies from person to person. These issues are inevitable given our fate. Contrary to popular belief, humans are not powerless in the face of fate. 

Access Foundation class is a class that bestows upon you the ultimate power of creation and your masterpiece is your life. Your life is yours only and you can mould it the way you want. An artisan, however, needs the proper equipment in order to be one.

For one to rebuild their life straight from the foundation, they need to make sure of it that the foundation they lay are strong enough to remain adamant and standing against massive tornados. And for that to happen, one must familiarize themselves with the kind of components are they supposed to use and what challenges they might be facing over the course of completion of the determined task.

“Being awake is not conscious, being aware is conscious”

Access Bars Foundation Course is a four-day class that is made available by Certified Access Consciousness Facilitators all over the world and offers thousands of tools, some of which are physical bodily procedures, that let you change anything in your life that is causing you pain or gives you tension.

Choose the Best Access Foundation Course

To opt for an Access Bars Foundation Course is to open the gates for the potential for substantial transformation, which will improve your health as well as your daily life, career, and business. You will discover how to operate from a more aware, unhurried state and perceive reality with greater satisfaction.

  1. Hundreds of readily mastered tools, such as physical energetic bodily processes, that let you alter anything in your life that is not working for you.
  2. An improved ability to concentrate on what matters rather than what does not.
  3. A guidebook with these techniques included that you can use as a roadmap to consciousness, fresh perspectives, and constructive change. Everything in your life, from relationships to your business to your physique, will benefit from this.

Access to Top Facilitators

Although you might not have access to them, a facilitator is aware that you already know the answers to all of your questions about yourself and your life. You are prevented from considering alternative options or coming up with something new because of the solutions you have hidden  away. 

Varsha Sangal, a certified facilitator for more than two decades, helps you rediscover the awareness of more options and possibilities for your life’s creation and for you. She significantly increases the amount of consciousness that is available to everyone who desires it on this world.

This is a tremendous gift that can help change the world we currently live in or, at the very least, increase the chance of ending limitation, devastation, and judgement on this planet. This makes her the top access bars facilitator.

Benefits of Access Bars Foundation Classes

The Access Bars session is the foundational level of Access Consciousness, where participants learn how to access more consciousness and awareness while also opening themselves up to change and opportunities.

  1. There are 32 points on our head that, when held, open our lives to a lot of ease and possibilities.
  2. It promotes positivism, relaxation, and increased awareness of one’s options.
  3. It helps in getting rid of the blockages that are not humanly possible to locate or recognize but the consequences of which can be seen by the naked eye.
  4. It even helps one to hammer down your preconceived judgements that we designed with collective experiences.