What is Shamanic Healing?

Shamanic Healing, also known as a ‘soul flight’, is when a shaman sets upon a shamanic journey by leaving their body and altering their consciousness intentionally and in order to enter the spiritual realms to seek some insight by interacting with shamanic spirits and the lost souls.

Shamanism is not a religion. It’s a method. And when this method is practiced with humility, reverence and self-discipline, the shaman’s path can become a way of life.”                                                                                                                                          — Hank Wesselman

How Shamanic Healing Works?

For one to undertake Shamanic Healing session, he or she needs remain prepared and aware that the session is divided into two distinct phases or levels.  

At first, the healer explores and discovers the seen and unseen energies at the root of the problem and proposes an accurate diagnosis as per requirement. And secondly, putting the hypothesis to test, that is, put the diagnosis into practical usage in order to resolve the problem. 

A shamanic practitioner is called a shaman who deals with the realm of spirits. However, this title was not ascribed but achieved. Over the years, due to extensive practice, one achieves a level of success and people attribute the honour of calling them shamans. It is at this stage of practice that they attain the power of healing the community.

While the shaman journeys to other realms, he or she can either see some visuals or even hear some sounds. The shaman then aims at eradicating energies that are unnecessarily present and are reason for blockage, or by returning energies that have been lost or adding new ones. Once the journey is made, the shaman approaches and communicates with spirits or retrieve a soul as per the demands of the client.

Therefore, the shaman directs and harmonizes energies to strike a balance not only within the individual, but also between the individual and the community, and between the community and the spirit world.

Is Shamanic Healing right for you?

While we, here at Beyondkarm, believe that this question is best to be answered by testimonials, we can assure that there is no harm or side-effects to Shamanic Healing as the sole purpose of Shamanic Healing is the well-being of a person or client, regardless of the form of troubles: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual or relational. We believe in showing the right way to the lost souls to final find a direction to move to in life.

Shamanic Healing vs Medicine

It is a humongous myth that any kind of alternative healing detests the usage of western medicines and tries to influence people against it. An alternative healing method is just a complimentary treatment alongside the medicines. The only fact that remains true to this myth is that while medicines may have side-effects, alternative energy healing methods have not tarnished their name of the same accusation.

Abilities of Shamans

According to Christina Pratt in The Encyclopedia of Shamanism, a shaman is a practitioner who has gained mastery of:

  1. Altered states of consciousness
  2. Mediating between the needs of the spirit world and those of the physical world
  3. Serving the needs of the community


Even science in the twenty-first century believes in the existence of several other invisible realms filled with unidentified entities. The work of the shamans is simply to summon these entities to help heal people’s souls and guide them towards light.

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