Becoming a money magnet? Is that a new body device to attract money? Is it available in the market? No, you guessed that one wrong! This magnet is not a device that you’ll find out there. This magnet is you! Confused? Let me help you untangle this mystery. Consider two supernatural caricatures on your shoulders, one on the right and one on the left. While the right one stands for a positive belief system attracting abundance, the left one stands for a negative belief system that stands for blockage that lays hindrances in the path of attainment of abundance. According to the Law of Attraction, you’re a magnet attracting into your life whatever you focus on and turn those positive thoughts into reality. So instead of just working hard for money, you need to work smartly. I, Varsha Sangal, your facilitator for this workshop, am ready to help you find that magnet within you and trigger start the button. Shall we begin this hunt for abundance?